Flexible and convenient

Eco-conscious construction with state of the art technology- Ikoniq leads the industry in using recycled shipping containers to create adaptable spaces for immersive and memorable marketing experience. 

When the sky's the limit, Ikoniq can use shipping containers to create a multi-level solution for your needs.
Create a fan base with a multi-container design for maximum customer flow through and engagement
Containers are delivered fully functional and can be relocated with ease to meet your changing needs
Indy Nut House
Mixed Use Development finds containers to be the perfect fit
Determining the best approach for the proposed Indianapolis mixed use development, shipping containers come up on top.
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City of West Palm Beach
Container Parks continue to grow in popularity
Proposed for a new public-private partnership, the container park at Currie Park comes to life. Part entertainment venue, part local vendor market, part gourmet marketplace, the modern container park is more of an open-air mixed use center than food hall.
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City of Rochester, New York
La Marketa breaks new ground on urban renewal
When the City of Rochester wanted to deliver the International Plaza at La Marketa, an urban renewal project decades in the making, they decided to utilize shipping containers for the retail and restaurant components. Ikoniq was awarded the RFP and has delivered three retail units and two restaurant facilities that will offer local vendors an opportunity to showcase their skills.
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The Foodhall Co.
Box Garden live music venue delivers on experience
Box Garden in Plano, Texas is one of the most well-known shipping container projects is the US. The 1500 person live music venue creates an inviting and immersive environment, converting an urban infill space into an exciting and compelling environment.
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Greentopia Green Vision
Repurposing for a resilient community
In an effort to "create a resilient Rochester – one neighborhood at a time," Greentopia participants needed a workspace that would extend their promise to grow while staying green.
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Wesleyan College
Containers score on the sidelines as press-box
A split-box design uses sturdy steel shipping containers to provide protection and elevation on the sidelines at Wesleyan College. Custom paintwork and full electrical service make this press-box a game day MVP.
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Major brand thinks ‘inside the box’ for retail revamp
For the 2013 MLS All-Star Game, Adidas needed to create a crisp, dynamic retail space that was durable, easy to operate, and staff. A repurposed shipping container from Ikoniq's innovative line up met all the challenges.
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Indy Eleven- MLS
Stand-alone containers add function to small stadiums
Containers fabricated as ticket booths and concession stands are cost-effective and flexible solutions for facilities without the built in infrastructure.
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BeaverTails Pastry
Compact containers spur rapid growth
Ikoniq’s engineers knew they could create a buzz-worthy, fully finished and branded container unit that would give loyal customers an exciting experience with this national favorite. The brand itself iconic in every way, it deserved an equally impressive design for this 'quick serve' restaurant concept.
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LakePoint Sporting Community
Make your open space a marketplace
Turn open space into a revenue generating opportunity, like the exciting boardwalk-style "Retail Row" of LakePoint Sporting Park where venue operators created rentable units from Ikoniq's shipping container designs. As part of a 13,000 acre complex with year-round consumer traffic, LakePoint has created valuable marketing visibility for partners like Louisville Slugger, Coca-Cola, and Kia. Vendors and corporate partners alike love the creative, flexible spaces that drive brand value and sales while creating a true experience for the customer.
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SUNY Oneonta
All weather construction is game-day ready
Ikoniq collaborated with the school to design and deliver a repurposed shipping container. Built to withstand punishing winds and seas, a rugged container was sure to protect the custom design and tackle the toughest opponents.
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US Army- West Point
Roll out the red carpet with container hospitality suites
Every customer gets the VIP experience in an Ikoniq custom container. Army Athletics scored big with a hospitality suite complete with second level viewing deck, HD tvs, and wet bar for the ultimate game day experience. A fold out patio area offers capability for state of the art 3-D graphic signage, mounted video monitors, and seating.
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Gameday Merchandising
Containers rev up sales with custom lay out
When Gameday Merchandising wanted to fuel the excitement of merchandising at the track in Daytona, FL, Ikoniq’s team designed a container unit (sectioned into three retail displays) connected with custom awnings and flooring.
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We came to Ikoniq with a problem and an idea and they were able to make it happen. Their design team worked very closely with us on every detail of this project and it turned out perfect!
State University of New York College at Oneonta
Geoff Hassard