Greentopia Green Vision
Repurposing for a resilient community
In an effort to "create a resilient Rochester – one neighborhood at a time," Greentopia participants needed a workspace that would extend their promise to grow while staying green.

As the first shipping container of its kind placed on a residential lot in Rochester, NY, this 800 sq. ft container is the new workspace for participants to store, cut, and arrange flowers for sale. Complete with plenty of roofed space to work, the container is also built with a flower cooling room and tool room. By repurposing this shipping container, our goal is to help Greentopia set a precedent for others to utilize recycled materials in an effort to restore life through new ideas.

Greentopia Green Visions is a development program in the JOSANA neighborhood of Rochester, NY. The youth community come together to harvest cut flowers, arrange them into bouquets, and distribute them to partnering Wegmans stores for sale – giving program participants an inside look of running a small business. Community-based workforce development programs, like Green Visions, fulfill a demand for trained and skilled workers prepared to enter the middle-skill professional field. Actively combating urban blight, crime, youth unemployment, and poverty, these gardens bring a new meaning to life for participants and vacant lots alike.

Ikoniq is proud to support organizations like Greentopia.