LakePoint Sporting Community
Make your open space a marketplace
Turn open space into a revenue generating opportunity, like the exciting boardwalk-style "Retail Row" of LakePoint Sporting Park where venue operators created rentable units from Ikoniq's shipping container designs. As part of a 13,000 acre complex with year-round consumer traffic, LakePoint has created valuable marketing visibility for partners like Louisville Slugger, Coca-Cola, and Kia. Vendors and corporate partners alike love the creative, flexible spaces that drive brand value and sales while creating a true experience for the customer.
Our sponsorship at LakePoint has provided Kia with an excellent footprint, with vehicle displays and signage 24/7. LakePoint provides us with a solid presence that promotes our brand and allows us to interact with consumers in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our participation this year will be even more intense as we take advantage of the continuing expansion of the South Campus and the increase in events and traffic at this incredible facility.
Kia Motors
Ashley Lord, Regional Retail Marketing Manager

Standard units of the LakePoint Retail Row create an attractive visual and personal experience for customers. 

At 8"x20", these shipping containers allow for endless custom options from vinyl flooring, 3-D graphic signage, and GridWall™ panels for unique display arrangements. Each can be redesigned for the tenant, and the weather proof steel containers are mounted on solid foundation to be hurricane proof through Georgia's changing seasons.