Nestle Toll House Cafe
Design welcomes guests to savor the moment
Don’t rush your Nestle Toll House experience- perimeter seating offers a comfortable spot for customers to enjoy a fresh baked cookie. Or milkshake, sundae, coffee- hot or cold. It’s all possible with the smart design of the Nestle Toll House mall kiosk.

To accommodate such a menu’s many demands the franchisee was happy to expand her original footprint but still had strict limits on space. It was an engineering feat to maximize utility in the most compact package possible. 

Ikoniq’s acclaimed design solution appealed to a number of Nestle franchisees who embraced the design that played to the premier value of America’s #1 cookie name. Ikoniq kiosks have now been installed at more than a dozen North American Toll House franchise locations. 

Ikoniq was able to come up with some clever space saving designs, including a moveable cabinet that holds several pieces of equipment but still allows for storage, a pull-out hand-wash sink, and a dedicated space for all major equipment components.
Nestle Toll House franchise owner
Bridget Cook