Wetzel's Pretzels
Modular designs appeal from all angles
Ikoniq design goes beyond aesthetics when designing kiosk solutions to consider your location’s advantages to create a design that will capture business and truly showcase your product.

The advantage to kiosk retail and concessions is capitalizing on the energy of the environment they are in- as they say, it’s location, location, location. Wetzel’s Pretzels demanded kiosk units equipped to produce their famous freshly baked product in high traffic locations.

Ikoniq’s wrap around design appeals to customers from all angles while offering full function for employees with a smart layout. Constructed with premium materials and elegant design, this modular unit shipped in five pieces for rapid deployment.

With more than 270 locations in North America, and 19 worldwide, Ikoniq delivered multiple units in this style to this recognizable, fast-casual giant to be successful in a variety of retail environments.