Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment- Nassau Coliseum
World-famous venue gets a modern makeover
A renovation of one of New York's biggest venues had to fulfill a vision that would serve discerning urban audiences, from the first song of the concert to a double overtime tie-breaker. Long Island's Nassau Coliseum chose to renew their image with durable, beautiful, on-trend finishes for their concession carts, and Ikoniq delivered.

There are few icons that have NOT played the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, since its doors opened in 1972. The venue's past included a historic Stanley Cup win with the NY Islanders, and was the original showcase court for the NBA's Nets and the legendary Dr. J. Not to mention the music of Sinatra, Elvis, Pink Floyd, and Long Island’s own Billy Joel- concerts the likes of which today's Coliseum wasn’t bringing in with its congested and cramped floor plan.

The venue's staid design was unattractive to guests and the building's rundown facilities a major league turn-off to pro sports teams. Operators Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment bet on an 18-month renovation project, a $165 million investment in bringing the facility back into the game. 

Ikoniq was ready to support the arena's contemporary design with concession carts that will serve crowds from 4,500 for theater shows to 16,000 mega-concert sellouts. The flexibility of the carts allows them to be deployed according to the event’s footprint, a must for a venue with such a busy and diverse event calendar.

“Since carts are self-contained units, they can be moved at a moment’s notice, to respond to changes in traffic or need,” says Ikoniq vice president of design Brian Casterline, “They can be restocked on the fly, or stripped of signage and product and re-outfitted with an entirely different product line in as little as a few minutes. They are ideal solutions for these large venues and back-to-back events.”