Digital wayfinding excites travelers with hands-on access
When minutes matter for travelers, digital wayfinding is the solution to give them instant access to flight schedules, concourse maps, and more. JFK Airport has placed stand alone kiosks to enhance the experience of navigating between flights for thousands every day with Ikoniq kiosks.

With a proven concept directing travelers through European airports, client Westfield Corp came to Ikoniq to conceptualize a digital wayfinder to be used inside two of America's highest volume airports, NY's JFK and Boston's Logan Airport. 

The resulting touchscreen kiosk concentrates everything a passenger could need to know before, between, or after their flight as they navigate the terminals- like floor maps, flight schedules, and gate changes. The Ikoniq design realizes a partnership between Westfield, airport developer, and it’s digital design agency OpenEye Global.

"We love the Ikoniq design of the kiosk, everyone recognizes the unique shape of it and it's fun-- kids crawl right through user the middle of it," says Openeye Global’s Roger Starkweather, VP of Sales.

The technology customizes info for every passenger with the input of their boarding pass- a short quiz profiles the user (Are you traveling on business or with family? Looking for fast dining, facilities, or retail?) and then produces dynamic, digital results at the kiosk or that can be pushed to their mobile phone! Having a personalized map, walk time, and recommendations along the route ensure every passenger enjoys their time before flights, no matter how much time they have to spare.

Starkweather says, "These units help guide the user experience while returning real-time relevant information - we have driven a 60% lift in people interested in dining options while on the concourse. Potentially, next gen user experience will even allow these passengers to place orders directly from the kiosk."

He predicts that, soon, units like these will redefine the entire travel experience. "We are integrating with mobile apps to help them navigate from the curb to the gate," Starkweather says, "and Ikoniq has been a terrific partner in this process of designing and manufacturing these kiosks that really create a holistic experience for the user."