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Wetzel’s Pretzels Explores New Kiosk Buildouts with Ikoniq for Pop & Sizzle

December 24, 2015

It’s not such a twisted idea to want to develop new retail spaces that really capture the traffic flow, and simply further establish a brand. Ikoniq stepped up to offer planning and development for two new Wetzel’s Pretzels locations in 10 ft. by 22 ft. spaces in the Chicago area this Fall. The unit features a customer-facing side that highlights painted glass and mosaic ceramic tile configurations for a durability that makes a statement.

Ikoniq has a dedicated team of engineers and designers that work their magic regularly for retail virtuoso and Wetzel’s Pretzels’ request allowed for some flexibility in materials and construction development.

The kiosk underlines the eco-friendly work of Ikoniq retail modular construction by featuring LED lighting and specialty piping for high-efficiency, as well as Corian material throughout for the countertops providing a sleek, elegant, and organized surface texture. Fireproof particleboard and other hidden selections make for a safe environment in a furniture-quality, finished space with superior presentation. Etched glass in the frameless sneeze guard presents an opportunity to enhance the kiosk appearance. Once in position at mall locations or airports, it’s a permanent proposition for the next decade or more. The entire unit is easily cleaned and maintained, based on its construction, said Greg Swistak, CEO of Ikoniq.

“We think about the retail customer experience in our designs and look to assist the location in moving traffic and being a revenue-generator location. We know what draws the consumer to stop, in terms of subtle, eye-catching glass, aluminum, and Corian. We make it speak to a quality product,” he pointed out.

The modular construction allowed for this retail-ready kiosk to be shipped in five pieces, and contributes to its rapid deployment.

The iconic pretzel product of Wetzel is baked right at the kiosk, and served generally with its own brand of lemonade flavors, so the atmosphere has to speak of comfort and fast casual.
Wetzel’s Pretzels (co-founded by Rick Wetzel) operates and franchises about 290 mall-based pretzel stands in more than 25 US states and five other countries (Canada, Lebanon, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Korea). The chain of snack outlets offers fresh-baked pretzels that are available in a variety of flavors, including garlic, cinnamon, and cheese. It was founded in 1994 and is owned by private equity firm Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.



As of the end of 2015 Wetzel’s franchise fast food restaurants had 269 US locations; 2 in Canada; 19 worldwide; and 8 owned by the company.


Beavertails and Ikoniq: Pop-Up Retail Setup in Half a Day

December 7, 2015

As a retail chain grows, so do the strategies for rollout. Beavertails, based in Canada, and Ikoniq has worked together to deliver pop-up retail using shipping containers to new neighborhoods for their worldwide expansion and to simplify operations. This August 13, 2015 article in the Ottawa Business Journal details some of the most interesting aspects of the partnership and its impact.

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BeaverTails opened its 103rd store Aug. 12, at Tanger Outlets in Kanata.

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